20 Mei 2009

All of men keep their own ideas, like they should. There is no telling how you would feel when cast into somebody else's life. You'd probably be just as trapped inside it as they are.

You can feel understanding or abhorence at some appalling views, and you should not be obliged to connect with the bearers of those, other than on a mere superficious plane. But otherwise: what is there to condemn?

Of course you dislike atheists when being brought up a fervent religious person. As it is but just fair that one who grew up among the free minded bohemians of the world would not acknowledge the existence of narrowminded flocks: why should one? One has never experienced it directly. Therefore one tends to underestimate the effects of such narrowmindedness, and that can bring a nation into a great deal of troubles. Like we all can see these days of recurrence of the very strict religious codes and golddigging lust under the loving eye of leftwinged souls, who poor things, just can't bear the thought of another being having less than humanity's good in mind. Who of course by their own standards all do.

I for one, would not find it impressive that other people could have other views. It is all so natural. If one lives in the countryside, one would never come to know about the problems that inhabitants of certain neighbourhoods in big cities have to deal with on a day to day basis, and vice versa. And even if he suspects them, from articles read in newspapers, or items on TV or the internet, then again, as long as he has not been immersed in that peculiar situation, one can not expect him to profoundly feel how it really is, and therefore produce enough empathy to bend his views to meet the opponent's point.

That's perhaps why I avoid discussion. It's all but right I should be able to vent my views by means of the internet (I really have to have something to write about, which is my only purpose and one great joy in my life, and I just can't write on the subject of bees and flowers for ever, can I), but as to have them publicly corrected by people who have no idea what I am talking about, though still act as if they had all rights to do so, which is something quite in the fashion of this day, that is a stage I'd rather not reach.

Neither will you find me at a debate. I just don't see the point of arguing. It all just seems to me like you are thrown into the ring and have to knock it off. At the end of the match one is bruised and dishonoured, but the ideas stay much the same after all. So why bother?

Like my friend the anarcho-monarchist says: "Everyone a king on his own island", by which he also means "queen", because that's the way he is: he would never put a woman down the ladder if he could avoid to, and in this particular phrase it is a case of language not been able to keep up with one's moral standards.

So there I remain, and wish to do so for still a while: Queen on my own island. I'll write when and where the fancy takes me, and you'll read, and you'll enjoy the language and have a laugh and may be you won't. Perhaps I'll move you as far as being brought to ponder upon the things I wrote. Or even dislike them very much. Well after all, that's not something that bad, is it. At least you have a little idea now what it is to be a person like me in a situation like mine.

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Naschrift oktober 2009: Bob-de-Hollander-in-fokking-Duitsland besloot aan het geklaag van Leo-ik-weet-alles-beter gehoor te geven (Leo had herhaaldelijk bij Molrat geklaagd dat het niet kon dat ik geen reacties toeliet) en heeft waarempel, geheel uit eigen initiatief, een blog gemaakt waarop u kunt reageren op mijn schrijfsels en hersenspinsels. Ik verzin dit niet, het is waar gebeurd, en het werkt! Lezers blijken potdikkeme daaromtrent te discussiëren, en op een leuke manier ook.  Het adres is: Reacties op Oud Zeikwijf.

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