Love yourself

22 Augustus 2019

This whole love yourself thing has been made way too important. We do not have to love ourselves. At least not in order to be able to love someone else. In fact, those who love themselves are in denial.
Because to be lovable to oneself, one would have to be much kinder than one actually is.
Look at us  ̶̶  a bunch of greedy, impatient, hard to please, utmost selfish, individualistic individuals. A dangerous lot on the verge of fucking up the planet, the only home we'll ever have, the best home we'll ever have.

So in order to love yourself, you polish the old ego, you fill up the cracks, wipe away the stains, sweep the meanness under the carpet. While it's to others that you should do all this.

Because it's others you never love too much.

Tags: liefde

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