In answer to Pat Condell's video "Ban the Burka" and in particular to the question: "Where are the feminists?"

30 Juni 2009

Dear Pat Condell,

I am a feminist and I write columns and I do say things about burkas and such. Like:

"All gays in burkas" 
"Muslim mom, teach your son how to cook."
and even:
"Veil compulsary for all".

Unfortunately, I do it in Dutch, though it is not my mothertongue, so I guess that's why you never heard of me.

Dutch people think I am too provocative. Dutch people love religion, or actually, love the concept of freedom of religion. But above all, they don't like people who disturb the peace. They have a mormonlike party in the government and are very afraid of saying anything that muslims would take offence of. Once a fanatic killed a film maker who was blasphemous to muslims, and all the Dutch unanimously could find to say was: "it's bad to kill someone but he was really naughty wasn't he."

Tonight a TV-show was broadcast where you saw imams assuring the public of the importance of allowing sharia law in the Netherlands. The show makers did not point out that this would be dangerous. It was set in a spirit of: "This would be sooo much better for the poor muslims who just can't bring themselves to abide by Dutch laws."

Best regards,

Oud Zeikwijf
atheist and/or agnost and feminist



Ban the Burka by Pat Condell

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